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Part I:

  • Accompanying person registered to Part I can benefit from the sightseeing tours organised from Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd of August.

Part II:

  • Accompanying person registered to Part I & II can benefit from the sightseeing tours organised from Monday 20th to Friday 24th of August.

Program’s Details

Please find the tours’ details below.
(Programs and schedules are subject to change and may be modified without prior notice before the congress.)

Tour Itinerary (tentative)
11:15Leave Tokyo University
13:15Asakusa Sightseeing
14:30Tokyo sightseeing spot (drive through)
16:45Arrive at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Enjoy Asakusa where the atmosphere of the Tokyo of past decades remains. You can try one of the most famous Japanese foods, Tempura, for lunch and look around must-see spots in Tokyo from the bus.

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Tour Itinerary (tentative)
09:00Leave Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
09:45Yukata wearing experience
12:00Lunch on Sumida river cruise
14:00Kokugikan backstage tour
16:00Arrive at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Take this opportunity to try Japanese Summer traditional cotton kimono, “Yukata.”
You can enjoy your lunch and Tokyo’s beautiful city view on a Sumida river cruise.
At Kokugikan, where Sumo matches take place, take a tour around the backstage area.

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You can choose one tour from 3 options.
(*Each tour itinerary will be updated later.)

① Mt. Takao, 1 day tour
Enjoy the beauty of nature in the mountains and the great panorama view from the lookout of Mt. Takao, near Tokyo.
[ Mt. Takao:]
② The Tokyo National Museum, half day tour
Tokyo National Museum You can see over 110,000 art and archaeological objects from Japan and other parts of Asia.
[ The Tokyo National Museum:]
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③ TOKYO SKYTREE® & Solamachi, half day tour
Experience a dramatic Tokyo city view at the height of 634m at TOKYO SKYTREE®, the tallest tower in Japan. Tokyo Solamachi with 300 shops and restaurants is one of the best places for your shopping!
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Tour Itinerary (tentative)
10:00Leave Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
11:30Kamakura Kotoku-in (Great Buddha of Kamakura)
15:00Enoshima Aquarium
18:00Arrive at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

The Great Buddha of Kotoku-in Temple is one of the three large Buddha statues in Japan, and a must-visit place in Kamakura. Enoshima Aquarium will show you the multitude of creatures living in Sagami Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

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① Nikko, 1 day tour

Tour Itinerary (tentative)
08:00Leave Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
10:45Nikko Toshogu Shrine
14:30Yuba Factry / Sake brewery
18:30Arrive at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Visit the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, which is a UNESCO world heritage site and a lavishly decorated shrine built in 1617 as a mausoleum for the famous shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. After lunch, experience to making Yuba (tofu product) and tasting a variety of Sake.

② Shopping at Tokyo, half day tour

(*The tour itinerary will be updated later.)
After sightseeing at the Imperial Palace, which used to be the castle that housed generations of Tokugawa shoguns, we will head to the Ginza area for your shopping experience.

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